King Promise Manager Threatens To Sue Him For Breach Of Contract

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Iranian-born millionaire and entrepreneur who lives in Dubai, Yasmin Berhzadi has disclosed how ungrateful king promise has shown her after picking him from the mud.

Yasmin Berhzadi was the lady who sponsored rapper, Sarkodie to establish his Sark collections. She disclosed the amount she invested in the business and it was a huge amount of money 150,000 dollars is the money Yasmin invested into the collapsed Sark collections.

Ghanaian born singer and songwriter with the artistic name, Gregory Promise Bortey Newman who is best known in showbiz as king Promise has being threatened to be sued by Yasmin for his ingratitude. has noticed a report some threatening declaration from Yasmin, she has revealed how he helped king promise to rise but has refused to give her the credit.

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“I took king Promise when no one knew who he was, he became my family now I see him having interviews and saying he started his career with Sarkodie and Killbeatz” she stated. She added, she sponsored King Promise video ‘’Thank God’’ featuring Fuse ODG but the management of king promise has hidden the video she sponsored ‘’ I have no idea where the returns of the videos I sponsored go now” she reiterated.

Yasmin reveals she was the person who renamed him from ‘’Boy P’’ to king promise. ‘’ But I will take legal actions ‘’ she threatens.
King promise is now managed by Killbeatz, Fuse ODG parted ways with his producer Killbeatz because he snatched king promise from him when he decided to manage him.

That compelled him to accuse Killbeatz of being a ritualist, the management of Killbeatz rubbished that allegations and revealed that it was king promise signing into Legacy life record which is managed by Killbeatz that led to the hatred from Fuse ODG.



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