Kuami Eugene buys yoghurt for school children in latest video

Kuami Eugene buys yoghurt for school children in latest video

Kuami Eugene had called Patapaa a noisemaker rather than a musician. Ghanaians got furious and blasted Kuami Eugene who later apologized – Eugene has shared a video of himself buying yoghurt for some children on the street obviously to ‘compensate’ Ghanaians for his troubles with Patapaa SHOWBIZ.com.gh has sighted a video of Kuami Eugene spending some cool cedis on some school children on the street.

In the video he shared to Instagram, Kuami Eugene is spotted coming out of a shop to meet the children as if they were waiting for him. They started screaming his name, and after shaking hands with some of them, he told them he was buying yoghurt for all of them.

Understandably, the children started screaming again in sheer excitement after that promise of one yoghurt for each. Kuami Eugene shared this video with a caption suggesting that he needs Ghanaians to pardon him for his error with Patapaa, and also to love and wish him well. He wrote: “Met Some New Friends Today. Let Love Lead. Wish Somebody Well. #WishMeWell #RockStar.”

The video caused traffic on the road by which Kuami Eugene stood with the children. One could hear many drivers honking at each other to ease the flow of traffic as they all had their eyes fixed on Kuami Eugene as they drive.

It is believed that Kuami Eugene uploaded this video to shield himself from the enormous pressure he had seen in the hands of Ghanaians since Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

Kuami Eugene had said in an interview monitored by SHOWBIZ.com.gh on GHone TV that he does not regard Patapaa as a musician, but rather a noise maker.

He went on to say that he would not have any collaborations with the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker, therefore, if Ghanaians are waiting for such a collaboration, they should forget it.

Kuami Eugene’s seemingly derogatory remarks about Patapaa has angered Ghanaians, and he has been lambasted both on social media and on the airwaves.

Unable to bear the heat anymore, the ‘Confusion’ hitmaker came back to solve his own confusion by asking Ghanaians and Patapaa to forgive him.

Interestingly, Patapaa also released a ‘diss’ song to shade Kuami Eugene. He also revealed in the song that Kuami Eugene has a problem with uncontrolled flatulence.


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