There Are Three Demons In Africa – Okyeame Kwame alleges

There Are Three Demons In Africa – Okyeame Kwame alleges

Okyeame Kwame a celebrated Ghanaian international rapper shared his thoughts with us on some very disgusting factors responsible for retarding Africa’s development as a continent.

He alleges that the inability of Africa to develop as a continent is mostly caused by three major systems which he describes as Demons Since they are adopted and meant to contribute to the growth and development of Africa but has rather brought effects
contrast to the intention of their adoption.

The legendary Ghanaian multiple award-winning rappers stated that the corrupt political system, Blind Religious practices and discrimination, And over westernized Education are mainly the key “demonic” factors preventing Africa from rising to the class of other continents of the world.

According to the rap doctor Overconfident placed in these systems and practices has hugely contributed to the misplaced priorities and loss of values of African’s culture which has deteriorated her resources and progress.

All of these systems he twitted about come in disguise of helping shape and strengthen African’s development but they rather end up to usurp and destroy even the little that it has managed to build up.

These systems of Politics, Religion and over Westernized Education according to Okyeame Kwame are just harming and stealing Africans resources but has not made positive impacts and contributions as expected.


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